Finally, Some Great NUC Content On Youtube!

You may have guessed after looking around my site that I have something of a soft spot for Intel NUCs. I know it’s subtle, but the clues are there. Anyway, I try to keep up with the latest news about NUCs as much as possible and Youtube can be a great place to do that. When a new model is on the horizon I can usually find a video about it here or there. I’ve always wished for a channel that had more consistent content about NUCs, though, and now I’ve found one. I’ve even thought about adding more polished content to my own Youtube site, but the truth is I’m lucky to have the time to do this website as it is.

A while back I stumbled across Robtech, a channel run by a guy named Rob, where he talks about technology. No idea where he came up with the name. While not exclusive to Intel NUCs, his content shows he has a similar appreciation to them to what I have. His videos are high quality, well crafted, and informative. He has a great sense of humor, and doesn’t pull any punches when he doesn’t like something:

We’re looking at you, Frost Canyon

One of my personal favorites is this one, where he laments the sprawling NUC model lineup. He doesn’t just complain that there are too many models, he outlines an easy way to simplify the list and make it easier for consumers. Not that Intel is likely to take him up on that.

I also like that he keeps his videos short and to the point. No rambling here, just good quality content. I also really enjoyed his critique of the insanity that is USB these days. Made me laugh. I recently collaborated with him on an upcoming video, offering some background information that will hopefully prove useful. And I sent him one of my original NUCs to play with. I’m sure he’ll have some interesting things to say about it, especially given that particular model wasn’t available in his country of Australia. It was a little weird hearing my name in a Youtube video, but I did appreciate the shout out.

And I think he’s personally giving hats the comeback they deserve

Anyway, if you’re looking for great NUC content, you can’t really go wrong with Robtech. He’s a cool guy, too.

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