A Different Mount Option for my Hades Canyon

So you have your awesome new NUC and you love it. Now you have to decide where to put it. Do you have it on your desk next to your monitor? That gives you easy access to the ports on it, and the LED is right where you can see it.

Or do you mount it on the back of your monitor with the VESA mounting bracket? Keeping it out of sight makes for a cleaner desktop.

Maybe instead you decide to mount it on the wall. That certainly gets it off the desk.


Any of these would be a great choice, but what if you want it up and out of the way, yet still fully accessible? Sometimes your desk offers a serendipitous solution.

I decided to mount my Hades Canyon to the side of the desk for a cleaner look. This desk has side panels so they offered another surface to mount the NUC on. Nice, huh? It’s off the desktop and out of the way, but still fully visible and easy to plug things into as needed. And unlike mounting it directly on the wall, this has the front of the NUC facing straight ahead. If you have a solid surface, odds are you can mount your NUC on it.

That little VESA bracket sure does come in handy!

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