NUC Replacement Fans

As the only moving part in a NUC, the fan is often the first part to have any issues. Whether it’s complete fan failure, ineffective cooling, or just noise, you may need to replace the fan at some point. If it’s under warranty, no problem. Just contact Intel support and they’ll hook you up.

But when you’re beyond the warranty you may feel like you have no way to get your NUC working like new again. I’m here to tell you different. If you’re wanting to replace the fan yourself, use the models below to order a replacement. By the way, I’d like to offer a huge thank you to a couple members of the Intel support team for providing this information and giving me the ok to share it with the NUC community. They’ve been tremendously helpful and accommodating. They prefer to remain anonymous, and that’s fine, but I want them to know how much I appreciate the help.

As of right now SimplyNUC offers replacement fans for all some NUC models. Fan replacement videos are below.

(UPDATE: I’ve changed the wording for the above sentence from “all NUC models” to “some NUC models, as SimplyNUC’s supply varies and they may not have all models available at a given time.)

All 4X4 NUCs

“Tall” NUC (2.5″ drive cage) fan replacement


“Short” NUC (no 2.5″ drive cage) fan replacement

Skull Canyon

Skull Canyon uses an entirely different model fan:

Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s the process for removing/replacing the fan:

Skull Canyon fan replacement

Hades Canyon

Hades Canyon uses two fans:

They should look like this:

If I get enough interest, I’ll do a disassembly video for Hades Canyon. I only have the one Hades, so I don’t want to take it apart and put it back together if nobody actually needs the info.

A Word of Caution

Please use this information at your own risk. These model numbers come straight from Intel, so they should be accurate, but beyond that I make no promises or guarantees. Also please remember if you damage your NUC while replacing the fan, you’ll void your warranty.

Now that you’re properly warned, I hope this helps you get your NUC running in tip-top shape!

15 thoughts on “NUC Replacement Fans

  1. I reached out to SimplyNUC and they confirmed they stock the replacement fans. I’m trying to get direct links to them, as I’m not able to find the fans on their site.

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  2. DELTA KSB0605HB fan for a NUC6i7KYB, SimplyNUC only shows this fan Dawson BAPA0508R5U fan, and an extremely high price not including shipping. It looks similar but only view from one side and not listed in the compatibility list.
    Techster, have you had any luck finding anyone that sells these?

    Thank you


  3. Earlier “4×4” NUC uses a 55mm radial fan like the one shown but the 8th Gen Bean Canyon NUC8i7 with a TDP 28W processor needs an 80mm blower, the AVC BAZB0808R5H. Sadly it’s quite noisy and there are no compatible alternative blowers as far as I know.

    Also don’t be surprised if you can’t get the accessories and spares you want from SimplyNUC if you’re in the UK. They don’t keep stock of the less expensive items here and when they do offer them the price can be massively inflated by the cost of shipping it from the US. As a single item. By courier.


  4. I have a Nuc Skull Canyon, will any of the fans for the Hades work on mine? My fan is too loud and annoying. I would like to put a quieter fan in it.


  5. I’m afraid not. The Hades Canyon design is entirely different and uses a much larger, quieter fan. I agree about Skull Canyon being loud. I love mine as a computer, but it’s definitely as loud as a small plane when it’s under load. The only replacement fan I know of is the one I listed above. As far as I know there is no quieter alternative. I’ve read about users going full DIY with a fanless design, but once you start doing that you eliminate the advantage of the tiny PC.


  6. Do you know where I can find the fans for hades canyon? I found the BUB1112HB-DAT fan, but cant find the BUB1112HB-DAS… Would you happen to know where to find it?


  7. SimplyNUC did have them but they’ve taken down all but one of their fan listings. I see several listings on ebay for BUB1112HB but none specify whether they’re -DAS or -DAT. Looks like we’re back to searching. You might contact one of those sellers and see which fan they have.


  8. Can you find the fan model only with its number on the Simplynuc website? I searched for a replacement fan on their website but got no results. I can’t find the fan model anywhere on the internet either. Do I have to disassamble it or is there any other way? I have a NUC7i5BNH.
    Thanks in advance


  9. I checked with my sources at Intel. They recommended contacting them for a system replacement if it’s still under warranty. If not, they said you can contact them to order just a fan. The part number is 13-050-000210. Good luck!


  10. you didn’t have the replacement fan model info for the 4×4 nuc. Please include so I can go to eBay and find


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