Finally! Netflix in Kodi!

I love Kodi. I love the flexibility, the seemingly endless list of add-ons, the customization options.  My home theater PCs all run Kodi on Libreelec, and I use Kodi for everything from watching Youtube to recording live TV.

One thing I haven’t liked over the years about it is the lack of Netflix. Ok, that’s not entirely true; Netflix has been available in Kodi from time to time through different add-ons. But what hasn’t been there is a clean, stable, attractive interface. The different methods for getting Netflix in Kodi were clunky and unreliable, and when that’s the case, you tend to just go elsewhere.  The reason for that is that Kodi didn’t support DRM (digital rights management), which what Netflix uses.  Prior to that support, the previous best attempt at Netflix in Kodi, NetfliXBMC, got around the issue by going through a browser. It worked, but wasn’t a smooth interface.

The latest Kodi release, Kodi 18, includes DRM support, and a “real” Netflix add-on has been in development. I just tried it, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s easy to install and configure, seems to be rock-solid for stability, and looks great. It only works in Kodi 18, so you’ll need to be on the latest version.

Kudos to JP HIGHTEK INC for putting up an easy to follow installation video, including a link to the download file and a nice walk through.

So if you’ve been wanting to add Netflix to your Kodi setup, I suggest you give it a try here:

3 thoughts on “Finally! Netflix in Kodi!

  1. This is by far the best tutorial on the web to get Netflix installed, however, with my Linux 19 and Kodi 18 nightly, still getting a false dependency not met, “pycryptodome”
    If you get the “pycryptodome” dependency not met; Netflix will show up, you can log in and select your films, but they won’t play after selection.
    This may of been solved with a nightly build. See bug report posted above.


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