Finding Parts and Accessories for your NUC

This post comes partly from a request by the Intel NUC team to get the word out about accessories. They receive frequent requests for accessory information. And I am regularly asked by NUC owners where to find parts and accessories. The answer depends on what specific item you’re looking for. Here’s a quick guide:

What you want

Where to find it

Why to go there

Replacements for the parts/accessories that come with your NUC. This is Intel’s official outlet for replacement parts. If you get it here, you can be sure it’s 100% compatible. You can find mounting brackets, screws, power adapters, etc.
Internal cables and add-ons for connecting to the internal headers.


Gorite (the NUC-specific branch of MicroSATACables) is a strong partner with Intel on designing their products, so when you buy something from them, you know it’ll work. They’ve got anything and everything you might need to take advantage of your NUC’s headers and expansion options. Plus, they have a particularly awesome external SSD enclosure.

Many of their products are available through as well.

External accessories, like cables, hubs, adapters, etc. SimplyNUC

SimpyNUC has a good selection of the various external items you may want for your NUC.  Need an HDMI to miniDP adapter? Or a Thunderbolt adapter? How about a LOCKING mount? They’ve got it all. They work closely with Intel to ensure everything is fully compatible, too.

GoRite’s got you covered here as well.

Lids, including replacement lids, different color lids, and lids that add functionality.

If you’re on my site, you know I’ve reviewed a ton of GoRite’s lid products. They have just about any lid you could need or want.

SimplyNUC has many of the same lids available on their site as well. If you’re buying a NUC on your site, they make it easy to get the extras you want at the same time.

I list Intel’s outlet here too because they’re the only site that offers replacement covers for Skull and Hades Canyon. They do also offer a limited selection of replacement lids.

Those are my recommendations for where to find most items. There’s one more category I don’t mention: fans/blowers. I don’t list them here because I don’t recommend you replace them yourself. Yes, I’ve done a video showing how to replace a NUC fan, but I can’t stress enough that doing it yourself should be a method of last resort. If you remove the fan, you will void your warranty, and you run the risk of damaging your NUC. If your NUC is under warranty, contact Intel for this.

If you’re out of warranty and are fine with the risk of damage, you can find replacements online by searching for the specific model number of the fan/blower.

I hope this helps!

6 thoughts on “Finding Parts and Accessories for your NUC

  1. Shouldn’t you be mentioning MicroSATACables?

    You also might want to mention that many of the Gorite products are also available through


  2. In order to have all links in one place, should you be including fanless chassis for the NUCs? Akasa, Silverstone, etc.?


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