Replacing a Noisy Fan in a NUC

So this was interesting: after setting up and installing a NUC I noticed (actually my wife noticed) an annoying high-pitched sound coming from it. This isn’t the norm for a NUC, but it looked like I’d have to live with it. That is until a good friend stepped in and offered me a replacement fan.  While replacing the fan isn’t something a NUC owner would normally do (might void the warranty, and good luck finding a fan), I thought it would be useful to record the replacement process.


6 thoughts on “Replacing a Noisy Fan in a NUC

  1. Hey, I have the same fan high pitch noise issue with my Intel NUC7i5BNK.can you please help me to find this replacement fan? Thanks!


    1. Hi Oskar! I know I sound like a broken record on this, but doing this WILL void your warranty. If your system is still under warranty, you’re better off contacting Intel support to see if they can swap it out. Having said that, if you’re out of warranty, the safest bet is to remove the current fan, then search for the model number. If you go to Amazon and search for “laptop replacement fan” you’ll see there are a few to choose from, and you want to be sure you get the right one. I don’t have a BNK handy, otherwise I’d take it apart and find the model number for you.

      I hope this helps!


  2. Thanks and I appreciate both your explanation on warranty and how to figure out the model number of the fan and then search Amazon. I’ll start by googling whether someone else might have already found it. I may reply again to this post if I succeed. Thanks again and keep up your great blogging.


  3. Hi again, just a recap. I identified the fan model number and found a replacement fan on, with a delivery within two weeks. I replaced the old with the new fan, and the result was…. unfortunately very similar fan noise level as the original. Since I would have liked the NUC to be sitting on my home office desk, my requirement is for the NUC to be ~90% silent. Therefore this computer does not qualify. I will keep my eyes open for totally quiet computers in the future. Or maybe that will happen when our smartphones are powerful enough to replace the desktop computer…wirelessly. Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Well that sucks. I’ve noticed that the fans seem to be hit & miss. I’ve had older nucs be incredibly quiet, while others of the same model were annoyingly whiny. There are fanless cases available (I’m hoping for an opportunity to review one for the blog) that would eliminate the noise, but then you’re paying even more for your NUC.


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