Intel: NUC6CAYS/NUC6CAYH Memory Compatibility

If you’re buying a NUC6CAYS or NUC6CAYH and plan to upgrade the memory, be sure you’re getting memory that’s compatible. Intel posted an explanation of why memory density is important.

It’s easy to tell if you’ve used unsupported RAM, as you’ll get this:


I can confirm this behavior as I tested it with SODIMMS of both the right and wrong density. Right density, everything’s peachy. Wrong density…not so much.

Intel does provide resources to help find the right memory:

Good rule of thumb: When buying components for your system, be sure they’re compatible.

6 thoughts on “Intel: NUC6CAYS/NUC6CAYH Memory Compatibility

    1. Well that sucks. I assume you tried the usual troubleshooting: updated bios, etc. Be sure to send the feedback to Intel. If their info on memory compatibility is inaccurate, they need to know that. I’ll pass this along to them as well.


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